Grand Theft Auto V: Online


The trailer is out!

Why are you reading this?

Trawl the forums, watch the video and comment (maybe not in that order).

I like many of you avid gamers had the opportunity to watch the video this morning and I can safely say that the premise is great. Rockstar have chosen to listen to the fans and it seems that we are going to have a much more involved experience with RPG  or Second Life-like elements; purchasing property and cars and generally getting busy in a beautiful open world like San Andreas (better version of Test Drive Unlimited?). With GTA IV you felt it, you could see the potential for a really great online experience if only they fleshed it out with some ownership of “things”. I could feel it with every fibre of my being when I ran amok or just stuffed around with my buddies online in free mode… imagine being able to be a cop and going toe to toe with some huge street gang who in turn are fighting their own turf war in a massive detailed world like Liberty City, it would be incredible!

Some things I’m thinking about:

– Outside is visible from inside so I guess you could snipe someone from outside in their own home which is a great segue to…
– What if a friend who has joined the server you are on and they happen to have bought the same apartment or house as you except on another server. That whole ability to kill someone from outside would suggest the building can’t be fudged with another floor right?
– The world will not be static, Rockstar eludes to more map coming up.
– More missions! I think everyone who has played any of the GTA games gets that feeling after the credits roll that the fun with the story is more or less over. Sure you can invite Roman to play darts again but it’s not the same, the amazing story telling and the 3-dimensional characters all stop and you Claude/Tommy/Carl/Niko/Johnny/Luis end up in what is still a great big city/county but you really have nobody to talk to. You’re on your own now and no one wants to talk to you. With the GTAO trailer we saw some of the story cast come back to give you new objectives, it’s like starting again but with your own character. GTAV in some ways is the intro to what is possible, GTAO is putting that to practice.

Exciting times, check the video: 


GTA V: The Collector’s Edition – Wait, you don’t have anymore copies?

You’ve heard the hype and seen the trailer, character intros and gameplay video, ok maybe if you’re a huge fan of Rockstar Games’ iconic Grand Theft Auto series or “GTA” as the standard mum’s basement gamer would say, you would know everything about GTA V. I thought I was the biggest fan ever!


I’m a huge GTA fan- ah crap

I found out quite quickly that I was not a huge fan (a reasonably/medium/fair sized fan?) because by the time I thought I could get myself a copy of GTA V Collectors Edition they were already sold out. Oh man! I really wanted the deposit bag to go with the safe deposit box:


Gym bag for gym things and safe deposit box for things like money or diamonds or sachets of Easy Mac! –

I checked online and everyone is either sold out or just not selling it (Thanks EBGames for ruining my dreams). And then my hunt was blessed by the answer “Yes, we do have a one left”:


Glory of glories! – Rockstar Games

After some riding at high speed from work to my hallowed destination in Parramatta (west of Sydney in NSW Australia) as well as a mistaken address (oh, so it’s in that part of town, you got some body armour on you?), I made it and in one-piece too! Slapped my card through the slot and I have in my hot hand/wallet a receipt for the deposit I put on my very own copy of GTA V the Collectors Edition! It just goes to show that even though it’s all sold out and Kotaku says it’s all done and dusted, a call to a difficult to get to shop can change all that (JB HiFi Parramatta on George St). Also small pieces of paper can sate the gamers desire to get his hands on a piece of gamer history, man I’m a dork.

Now that a copy is reserved I can think about what all this “Collectors Edition” mumbo is really about:

– More stuff than the average “stock” and even the “Special” version, because that’s for plebs and people who shop at EBGames.
– Cool GTA themed NewEra cap and deposit bag in a cool box, because difficulty to carry is a must, you can’t just slip this under the old rider jacket and zip on home.
– Loads of cool DLC – This used to be a kind of cop out to me as nothing was really beyond the 1337 haxxors (Elite Hackers) who with a deft code or two could just unlock those nice exclusives. These days it’s a little harder to obtain and especially in an immersive game world like the GTA series it makes the difference.
– Bragging rights – as long as I can get home without being mugged for my copy you can watch me get all un-PC and give Jack Thompson something to to be annoyed about.

This post is more of a “I am so happy and a little proud of myself that I needed to post about it” – kind of post, I apologise if you were looking for something a little more informative. Normal service will resume after these messages from our sponsors.

September 17 couldn’t come sooner.

Checkout the Rockstar Games site for more info and a “more biggerer” image of the collectors edition:


Gaming News

Scribblenauts Unmasked


The newest game to come out from 5th Cell is a iteration of their famous scribblenauts francise it is set to come out on the 24th of September for the Wii U, 3DS and PC. It will feature over 2000 DC comics characters and 14 different versions of Superman.

So what are these different versions of superman, There is the Original, Superman Beyond, The Dark Side Superman and Speeding Bullets Superman HERE is a trailer if you have missed it.

Now I have played the previous scribblenauts and I think I know the way the game will work with so many variations but im uncertain so ill get back to you on that.

Plants Vs. Zombies 2


The latest game to come from popcap has been released early in Australia and New Zealand the official release date for the rest of the world is the 18th of July. But if you have a Australian or New Zealander account you can access the game so….. Just sayin. Check out the trailer HERE. Now if you have played the first game it should be very familiar we see the return of Crazy Dave, the introduction of new plants and new zombies, also the game revolves around dave traveling around the time line. It is another game that has gone done the Freemium path but you will be able to play the entire game without paying a single cent.

And now some Trailers

GTA V Gameplay


Some proper gameplay from GTA V Check it HERE

Payday 2: What is Payday


Join one of the games developers as he shows us what Payday 2 is. Check it HERE


Gaming News


Bioware Developers talk Mass effect spin-off


We know that the guys at Bioware were working on a new instalment Mass Effect series though it is clear that it is not Mass effect 4 but the Mass Effect world has so many characters they could make the main protagonists but the big question remains what will the subject of the game maybe a RTS or a MMO.

For now the details are scarse but we can only hope that the answers will be better then the ending of Mass Effect 3.

Watch_Dogs stuff


Fuse box explosion bitch!

So one of the big games this year has had a butt load of new video’s posted recently


hay check out my phone

Ones like the game play preview HERE


Cars look good hopefully they will drive well

Out of Control Gameplay HERE


BOOM Pole from the ground!

ctOS monitoring report HERE


Using a phone whilst riding a motorcycle not the best idea

More gameplay HERE


Im on a boat

Multiplayer HERE

So who just jizzed in their pants at the awesomeness because I did and need to change my pants. But with a release date of November 21 we have to wait this is definitely one to buy and I cannot wait this year is going to be fun with GTA V, Watch_dogs, Deadpool and Saints Row IV all coming out in the second half.

Rockstar show off new screenshots




Shit i just got it resprayed


Deep sea diving that will be fun and i want a harpoon to go with that


Skull mask does it come in black




A skullman, A Manhunter and…… A Monkey?


Hey my gun shoots light


Planning the heist




Strippers YAY now i can give them my money and then take it back


Weather not just rain maybe snow that would be cool


More Bikes


EXPLOSIONS like a real man


Just checking my phone i wonder if its touch screen


Little Seoul with a shotgun….. how its supposed to be done


Is that meant to be a bugatti look alike?






Mini guns used by many


GAHHH Busted


Bank heist YEAAAAA!


Kinda badass




RAID!!!…… is that my gun?


CF bike and new Helmets did they do anything in the last game?

1280 (1)

Looks like something I want to drive a lot


Low sports car awesome need more like this




check out the view


Maybe I can recreate the gone in 60 seconds scene

‘Frostbite GO’


Battlefield 4 for phones?

EA is currently working on a mobile version of the awesome engine for the iOS and Android titled Frostbite Go. the news game from and states that

One of our most exciting current projects is called Frostbite Go, a mobile division empowering EA game developers with Frostbite’s proven excellent workflows and features to bring true Frostbite experiences to all major mobile platforms.

From what we know the standard titles from EA on iOS and android will use it but im wondering if they will allow it to be used by anyone like the UDK. But the experience that I have gotten when playing a FPS on my phone was that it pained be to play it even when my opponents are 11 year olds.




Deadpool the game trailer


High Moon’s new mind smashing game has gotten a new trailer and Here it is really it looks perfect for Deadpool and therefore it pleases me. Nolan North the voice of such characters as Nathan Drake,Desmond Miles and many others will be Deadpool once again.

Lego Marvel Superheroes

As usual the developers are TT games and Warner Bros. Interactive will be publishing it this time its going to be for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, DS, 3DS, PS Vita and PC and will be coming around september ish.


Now this is like the 13th game in the LEGO franchise and it is very robust but it still finds ways to interest us and it doesn’t seem to be running out of steam and recently we have been able to look at the new and upcoming Lego Marvel Superheroes this game looks like it will be a Ultimate alliance like game utilising one of the biggest line up of heroes to date


Developed by TT Games it will offer the usual action adventure and puzzling we are use to but this time showcasing a character line up taken from the sprawling Marvel universes Nick Fury has brought together superheroes from all places to save Earth from Galactus and loki…… and others.


Visually the figures look the same as the ones that come in the packages and this is not unusual, i hope that they can draw me back into this game series because i haven’t finished one since Lego indiana jones.

Ubisoft says we like Annual Assassin’s creed

Ubisoft Montreal’s CEO Yannis Mallat has hinted at the publisher will be approaching their yearly Assassins creed installments

At GDC Eurogamer asked whether or not Ubisoft might take a break from releasing a new AC title each year Mallat’s answer was “No”

He has explained his answer by saying

“The players will tell us. Right now there are more and more coming into the franchise […]It’s our breakthrough. When you have quality content, the frequency of coming out with the game is not an issue at all.

On the contrary, people expect more and more of that content. So it’s natural to be able to provide that content. The gamers are happy and it’s our job to make them happy.”

And he’s right the Assassins creed games make huge amounts of money in sales so there isn’t much incentive to stop even for a while there are those franchises that burn out because of too many releases: Tony Hawk and Rock Band/Guitar Hero but on the other hand there are games like sad to say Call of Duty this series has been around for ages but people still buy it then there are sport games like madden and NBA 2K they all seem to be doing fine.

So what do you think should the assassins creed series continue as a yearly or should it stop soon?

GTA V box art


Recently Rockstar has shown off the box art for the newest installment and it has come with new screenshots.

The cover shows the three main protagonists Franklin, Michael and Trevor along with them there is a Angry dog, the blonde with the fruity phone, a guy on a jetski, a helicopter  dirt bike and an R8 so if the cover is going to indicate game play im going to take so many selfies and upload them to the Facebook equivalent. And drive cars obviously.