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Humble bundle Raises $ 10.5 million for charity

Humble Origin Bundle_678x452

remember the company that has been named the worst in America for two years running yea its not Activision its EA has raised a whopping $10.5 million dollars for charity so what is the humble origin bundle? well i’m glad you asked, the humble bundle is a series of collections “bundles” that are digitally distributed and at a price determined by the purchaser. These bundles are typically offered on a two week basis they also offer additional media around mid week that is only available if you pay more then average. Which is a great idea.

EA has decided to give the money earned through the sales directly to charities like: the American Red Cross, Watsi, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, The Human Rights Campaign and the American Cancer Society.

EA has also broken records prior to the Humble Origin Bundle, the previous bundle was the Humble Indie Bundle 5 which raised $5.1 million.

Check out the latest Humble Bundle

Angry Birds GO!


Back when Angry birds first came out it was fun some still find it fun and its multiple versions of the game have added new and interesting ways to essentially kill pigs without getting any bacon which it think is a waste. And its all fun and games until we go to singapore and get spamed with that stuff from the large rocket ship what was in terminal 3 to a angry birds themed kids area it gets old real fast.

but now they have announced that they are making a kart based racer… is there real potential here? or is going to be a mad gimmick designed to once again spam us with more pig killing birds. they announced it thru a video that featured Rovio’s Kalle Kaivola and how the team had a break thru when they saw their Red bull angry birds kart fall apart… god that was a mouth full.

Okay now I see the potential with a franchise devoted on destroying things and maybe some heavy customising could be a great plan maybe a few power ups like ModNation racing.

It may or may not be as cool as i think it will be but lets just hope that they wont fully target the 5-8 age range.

Check out the video HERE



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Scribblenauts Unmasked


The newest game to come out from 5th Cell is a iteration of their famous scribblenauts francise it is set to come out on the 24th of September for the Wii U, 3DS and PC. It will feature over 2000 DC comics characters and 14 different versions of Superman.

So what are these different versions of superman, There is the Original, Superman Beyond, The Dark Side Superman and Speeding Bullets Superman HERE is a trailer if you have missed it.

Now I have played the previous scribblenauts and I think I know the way the game will work with so many variations but im uncertain so ill get back to you on that.

Plants Vs. Zombies 2


The latest game to come from popcap has been released early in Australia and New Zealand the official release date for the rest of the world is the 18th of July. But if you have a Australian or New Zealander account you can access the game so….. Just sayin. Check out the trailer HERE. Now if you have played the first game it should be very familiar we see the return of Crazy Dave, the introduction of new plants and new zombies, also the game revolves around dave traveling around the time line. It is another game that has gone done the Freemium path but you will be able to play the entire game without paying a single cent.

And now some Trailers

GTA V Gameplay


Some proper gameplay from GTA V Check it HERE

Payday 2: What is Payday


Join one of the games developers as he shows us what Payday 2 is. Check it HERE


Gaming News

Eidos Shows Deus Ex: The Fall Teaser


Back in March a trademark for “Deus Ex: The Fall” was registered and even I was speculating it was either a movie or sequel to Human Revolution and with this very very short teaser we can say that something is coming.

You can see the teaser HERE

Zynga Closes Studios


The giant rolling boulder witch is Zynga has come to a slow drag as three of their studios were closed leaving 520 employees or 18% of their workforce out of a job.

The exact figures come from AllThingsD, Offices in McKinney and Austin TX will be closed in addition to two others in New York City and baltimore. The following the announcement that Zynga stock dived 10% (and is still dropping)

It seems that their Boom on to social platforms such as farmville gave them such a big success that they felt that moving on to mobile platforms was a good idea. And now it had backfired leaving lots of talented people out of a job.

This move will Cut $80 million in payroll costs from the bottom line which will allow them to return to profitability, But no matter how good it may be for Zynga this is terrible news for developers who no longer have an income.

We at Kokstars wish the best for all involved

Plants VS. Zombies 2


So one of my favorite strategy games of all time is getting a sequel and its not the same and yet it is.

Plants VS. Zombies 2: It’s about time has been shown off by Popcap and its coming July 18 exclusivly for iOS platforms as a Free-to-play with micro-transactions.

You can see the trailer HERE but its not gameplay (duh) but it does say somthing about whats coming more zombie killing action, traffic cones, time travel and Crazy Dave. the new game will be free to play but PopCap says that the “Vast majority” of the game will remain free.

“We’re confident that players will see the love and attention we’ve put into this game,” said senior producer Allen Murray in a press release announcing the release date.

“We’ve created wild new ways to experience the plants and zombies you know and love as well as packing the game with tons of completely new content, and we’re still hard at work coming up with even more cool stuff that will keep Plants vs. Zombies 2 fresh and evolving in the months and years following launch.”

Double Fine hits goal with second Kickstarter


With 22 days left of funding Massive Chalice has crossed its goal of $725,000 and has 21,338 backers and $793,105.

In the first week Lead game designer Brad Muir spoke to GameIndustry about the project:

“I was really nervous going into it. There were a lot of risks with this project. It’s a brand-new IP, it’s not based on some legacy game or nostalgic property. It’s not a Tim [Schafer] game. So I was really nervous when we launched it, but it’s been a pretty awesome day.”

Muir also spoke about failing to sell his last game idea Brazen.

“The previous game that I was working on, called Brazen, I had been pitching that game for an entire year. That was a tough sell, trying to pitch that game to publishers. I don’t want to name any names, but the stop-motion aesthetic—that game was based on the Ray Harryhausen stop-motion animations—was always the sticking point. That people wouldn’t relate to it or think it was cool.

This was just a bunch of businessmen, like suits around a table. It was very hard for me to listen to their opinions of what gamers might actually like. It’s a very weird thing, taking your ideas to a small group of businessmen and having them tell you whether they think it’s going to sell or not. I don’t think they always know best. That’s the cool thing about this idea. This idea is brand-new. We haven’t taken this idea to anyone. We developed it and took it straight to the backers.”


Murdered: Soul Suspect 


Gives us a look in to the dark life of a detective who gets in to fist fights and never loses.

Watch it HERE

Marvel Heroes – Opening cinematic 


Watch the opening cinematic to the new MMO for the marvel universe HERE


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Now yes the xbox was reviled today and yes its all very exciting but shaun has covered all that needs to be said about the actual console and now its time for those lovely exclusives.


microsoft studios will be publishing 15+games just for the Xbox one


1. we have Forza Motorsport 5 which looks absolutely awesome as it features a mclaren P1 and a and its older brother the F1 racing around what looks to be Italy in a fast and epic way but how dare they scratch the P1

you can see it HERE 


2. we have a game which i have never heard of called Quantum break now the trailer is a bit confusing but im going to take a shot in saying its a cop game where the hero can slowdown time to analyse the crime of rewind time or something like that.

You can see it HERE

now we havent heard anything about the other 13+ games that will be released but I will keep you guys up to date

the following games are not exclusives but are now on the list for the Xbox One

-Battlefield 4

-Thief 4

-Assassins Creed 4


now we move along to well more trailers

Batman Arkham Origins Full trailer


Now i do love me my comic books and it goes without saying i love batman so here is the extended trailer from the first teaser that we saw. It looks better every time and we see more then just batman and deathstroke so i have kinda put together what I think its going to be Black mask has put either a bounty on batman’s head or hes hired mercenaries to kill hime either way m going to say that this isn’t the last time we see deathstroke and deadshot. There is a little hint that we may run into a fellow hero maybe Green Arrow…?

You can see it HERE

Hardware Shipbreakers


A supposedly 3D RTS  revolutioniser showed off a story for baserunner which is a 6 wheeled moster that looks like it conquer the dakar with no issues theses mosters were the building point for a war and is i think either a mobile base or the work horse that we build from gathering and mining resources but it looks pretty and i hope its awesome cos I love space stuff and it will be great to have a RTS that I wont be swamped by a south korean.

You can see it HERE

Shadow Warrior


Now I dont know much about this game but its a reboot of a 1997 game developed by Flying wild hog but it eliminated the multi-player aspects and will avoid racial stereotyping and misogyn. but the teaser is a bit mysterious other then the slaughter of some gards and the japanese theme.

You can see it HERE 

Call of Duty Ghosts


Great another COD game im no fan of the COD series and its not something I hide, when i see some 12 year old wearing a COD shirt I always just want to burn it but they seem to have struck gold in the repetition of gameplay and half arising a story on it as well but they may have actually put some effort in to this one oh wait ive heard the name ghosts some where…. where was it umm…. oh thats right Ghost Recon so

you can see the trailer HERE if you want…. to be lame. And loose all respect from me.

More Batman stuff

 At the Dallas Comic-Con we found out the guy who does the Ezio voice will be voicing Bats.

But this is not the big news, screenshot a tweet from Conroy stated


WHAAAAAAAAA….. obviously he wasent supposed to let the Bat out of the bag but now we know that there is another Arkham game in development and we got our batman back probably by the real Arkham developers, Rocksteady Studios it was unthinkable that the rest of the Arkham games would be developed by anyone other then Rocksteady. Thank you Kevin you have given us all hope again



We got some screen shots that reveal more characters its more batman being all sneaky and rape-e and you can see them on the inside gaming flickr HERE


Gaming News


Bioware Developers talk Mass effect spin-off


We know that the guys at Bioware were working on a new instalment Mass Effect series though it is clear that it is not Mass effect 4 but the Mass Effect world has so many characters they could make the main protagonists but the big question remains what will the subject of the game maybe a RTS or a MMO.

For now the details are scarse but we can only hope that the answers will be better then the ending of Mass Effect 3.

Watch_Dogs stuff


Fuse box explosion bitch!

So one of the big games this year has had a butt load of new video’s posted recently


hay check out my phone

Ones like the game play preview HERE


Cars look good hopefully they will drive well

Out of Control Gameplay HERE


BOOM Pole from the ground!

ctOS monitoring report HERE


Using a phone whilst riding a motorcycle not the best idea

More gameplay HERE


Im on a boat

Multiplayer HERE

So who just jizzed in their pants at the awesomeness because I did and need to change my pants. But with a release date of November 21 we have to wait this is definitely one to buy and I cannot wait this year is going to be fun with GTA V, Watch_dogs, Deadpool and Saints Row IV all coming out in the second half.

Rockstar show off new screenshots




Shit i just got it resprayed


Deep sea diving that will be fun and i want a harpoon to go with that


Skull mask does it come in black




A skullman, A Manhunter and…… A Monkey?


Hey my gun shoots light


Planning the heist




Strippers YAY now i can give them my money and then take it back


Weather not just rain maybe snow that would be cool


More Bikes


EXPLOSIONS like a real man


Just checking my phone i wonder if its touch screen


Little Seoul with a shotgun….. how its supposed to be done


Is that meant to be a bugatti look alike?






Mini guns used by many


GAHHH Busted


Bank heist YEAAAAA!


Kinda badass




RAID!!!…… is that my gun?


CF bike and new Helmets did they do anything in the last game?

1280 (1)

Looks like something I want to drive a lot


Low sports car awesome need more like this




check out the view


Maybe I can recreate the gone in 60 seconds scene

‘Frostbite GO’


Battlefield 4 for phones?

EA is currently working on a mobile version of the awesome engine for the iOS and Android titled Frostbite Go. the news game from and states that

One of our most exciting current projects is called Frostbite Go, a mobile division empowering EA game developers with Frostbite’s proven excellent workflows and features to bring true Frostbite experiences to all major mobile platforms.

From what we know the standard titles from EA on iOS and android will use it but im wondering if they will allow it to be used by anyone like the UDK. But the experience that I have gotten when playing a FPS on my phone was that it pained be to play it even when my opponents are 11 year olds.