Lichterfest 2013

Lichterfest 2013 – Didn’t take photos, so here’s one from the newspaper (Stuttgarter Nachrichten)

Recently we did some wedding photography at Killesberg Park in Stuttgart. The park is gorgeous with a huge variety of flowers, different landscapes and a little steam train that takes visitors on a tour of the area.

Each year, at Killesberg Park, there is a huge celebration called Lichterfest, or light fest where people go to enjoy summer with the sounds of music, a range of attractions and a light show at the end with fireworks.

This year was the 63rd Lichterfest in Stuttgart but we didn’t go there. I know, right? So what is this post about? Well, apparently when it all began, Lichterfest was free to the public. Nowadays, you have to be willing to fork out 17€ per person (13€ for students) if you want entrance to the grounds. Plenty of people were willing to pay this exorbitant fee, but as a group of 7, we didn’t see the fun in paying over 100€ just for the entry fee.

Another alternative, as we did, is to head for the hills. Stuttgart is surrounded by hills and vineyards, and on a hill opposite Killesberg you have a great view of the show. There are less people there, though you still have to try to get there earlier if you want a parking spot. Snuggled up between the vineyards, we watched as the Killesberg tower lit up and then saw the fireworks astound. They were nothing compared to Sydney fireworks, but beautiful nonetheless.

The only thing you have to account for is the lag. You’ll see the fireworks before you hear them, and the music may not be in sync. But, tuning in to the local radio station, I think that it was worth it to save money and not be trampled by drunken/high teens.


A very Stuttgarter Wedding

Weddings are magical, and rightly so. They are events to be enjoyed by all and where memories are made. The start of a new chapter. This is why it was not so surprising that despite the rain and overcast days we’ve been having in Stuttgart, that the heavens cleared and the sun burst out from behind the clouds for the special day on Saturday.

Michael and I were asked to photograph the wedding and happily accepted. Two of our friends tying the knot and us getting to play with our cameras? Of course!

The morning started out dreary. I was picked up by the bride and her hairstylist at 10am and driven to the maid-of-honour’s place where the bride was to get ready. The sky was cloudy and grey and as we were in the house preparing, the clouds unleashed a heavy downpour. It seemed that all was lost, but then just minutes before we were scheduled to leave, the rain stopped and the sun shone. Perfect.

Final touches

Final touches

I captured the preparation process while Michael hung out with the boys and snapped some shots there.

I arrived at the wedding in the nick of time, 5 minutes before the bride walked in. It was a lovely ceremony with some oddities. The pair kneeled at the wrong time and the priest forgot to bring his Bible, but what is a memory without something like that happening?

It goes to show that all the planning in the world cannot prepare you for everything, but it will still work out fine.

The celebration was held at a Cafe/Restaurant in Killesberg Park in Stuttgart. Despite being here for almost 2 years it was only my second time there and the first time was just 2 days before the wedding.

Train ride through the park

Killesberg: Train ride through the park

Killesberg Park is amazing. It is huge and in springtime contains so many wonders. There are ponds and a small waterfall, the flowers are in full bloom and the park is maintained well. There is a flower garden that was full of different varieties of tulips and an old style fair with games, a carousel and little stalls selling sweets and snacks. To add to its charm, the park also has a mini train which takes visitors on a large tour of the park. They also have 2 steam trains that they use for special occasions.

The Killesberg Tower

The Killesberg Tower: A view of the whole park

My arms are sore from carrying all our equipment and clicking away with my camera the whole day, but it’s always worth it when you see the images and moments that you managed to capture.

Let the wedding season begin.