Movie Time

Man Of Steel 2


First we have a short list for People who might play batman in the next Man of Steel Movie. So recently Zack Snyder has talked about his next film which will have batman played by:

josh brolin is at the top of Warners list because Frank Miller’s Classic “The dark knight Returns” has a older Batman approx. 40+ Brolin has also shown interest in Comic book roles and will star in the Upcoming Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

Next is Ryan Gosling who is the youngest of the lot but I feel does not have the stature to stand as the Dark Knight in past films i have found that his mumbly tone and lack of ‘punch’ may lead to a lacklustre Batman. We also have Richard Armitage who played the dwarf king In peter jackson’s Hobbit, Matthew Goode Who played Ozymandias in Watchmen, Joe Manganiello from True blood and The units Max Martini.

From comments on other websites fan choices are Keith Urban, Jon Hamm and Daniel Day Lewis. I currently am impartial as I want Christian Bale but thats not going to happen.

Hopefully Zack will make the right decision and not screw up.

Lone Survivor


Staring Mark Wahlberg and Eric Bana comes a story based on the Failed “Operation Red Wings” in which four SEAL Team 10 operators were tasked with killing a notorious Taliban leader. Its another war film but check it out HERE

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa


Oh great starting a title with “Jackass Presents” makes me cringe from all the horrors that we experienced from their last “Production” But this trailer makes me think closer to Borat then Jackass So go See it HERE.

Machete Kills

OMG OMG OMG MACHETE!!!!!! YEA if you watched the first film you know whats going on if not watch the first film and you shal be introduced to the its so bad its good world of Machete with a bigger list of stars like Amber Herd and Charlie Sheen i will wait in anticipation. Check it out HERE


Movie Time PEOPLE!

Yes its that time again where i round up this weeks movie trailer announcements.

Enders Game


First we got Enders game based on sci fi novel by Orson Scott Enders game is about after a horrific alien war, an unusually gifted child is sent to an advanced military school in space to prepare for a future invasion. It stars Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley and Asa Butterfield that kid from Hugo, you can watch the trailer HERE

Man of Steel TV spot


Now its not new but its looking better and better every time I see it so Hans Zimmer is doing something right  you can watch it HERE

Captain Phillips


No poster yet

Tom Hanks is out with a new movie about the 2009 hijacking of the MV Maersk Alabama its going to have some SEAL’s in it like most recent action movies but i think it will be a interesting one. You can watch it HERE


Things that interest me and stuff


First: We have R.I.P.D movie trailer which looks awesome stars Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Bacon and Jeff Bridges looks awesome so go check it out HERE.

Second: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire trailer came out, stars the cast from the previous movie with a few new faces like Philip Seymour Hoffman And Jena Malone. Go check it out HERE.

Third: Man of Steel #3 trailer we are getting to see more of the films plot and some awesome action as well, we also see the bad guy played by Michael Shannon and superman with a BEARD see it HERE.

Fourth: Rush is a new movie from Ron Howard which stars Chris hemsworth, Olivia Wilde! and Natalie Dormer. A biography of Niki lauda and his crash in 1976, looks like a pretty cool film. Watch it HERE.

Fifth: Syrup Staring Amber heard and Brittany snow comes a movie all about marketing based on a novel by Max Barry. Watch it and Amber Heard HERE


Sixth: Now i havent got SimCity but from what I’ve heard there are many problems. Maxis has announced that they will be releasing a major patch which will fix the issues and they have thrown in some new features, the servers that everyone loves to hate will be down for some time so they can carefully put the patch in.

Whats New

• Mayors Mansion: Mayors will now drive their fancy cars to work. Mayors will take their helicopter, limo, or sports car if the modules are present.
• HUD: Now color-corrects when in a colorblind mode.
• Data map: Data maps show the filtered color when a color filter is enabled (unless in a colorblind mode)


– Cities not Processing: Mitigates some of the issues that were causing cities not to process. We are continuing to work on and improve this issue.

• Region Filters: Now sorts regions with available cities to the top
• Invitations: Invitations to join a region should be sent and received more quickly.
• Tourism: Fixes for unexplained fluctuation of tourists. Tourists more smartly counted on transit.
– Cruise ships are now more effective at bringing medium and high wealth tourists in coastal cities.
– New tourists will now decide to come into a city once leaving tourists reach train stations, bus depots, or cruise ship docs instead of waiting for those tourists to go out to the region first.
– This change will reduce the downtime of tourist buildings.
• Casinos: Casinos tuned so that Gambling will be a more profitable specialty. Players can bulldoze and replace existing casinos to see effects of tuning.
– The larger casinos now invite more tourists into the city which helps keep them full.
– Note that existing casinos will need to be replaced to take advantage of this change.
• More Casinos: Raised module limit on Sci-Fi and Sleek Casinos to 6 modules.
• Region Play: Cash gifts can now be received in a bankrupt city.
• Education: Fixed school buses getting stuck at the high school. Existing Schools will fix themselves.
• Education: Fixed school buses picking up students at neighboring cities that didn’t have school bus stops.
• Education: Fix to more accurately track regional student population.
• Education: Fix where kids leaving the school bus stop would teleport to the nearest pedestrian path instead of walking directly into the school.
• Education: University wings now give the proper bonus.
• Recycling: Fix for the Recycling Center where it would sometimes stop working, recycling services will visit other cities.
• Air pollution: Fixed issue where air pollution would appear to come from nowhere. Fix issues where your regional air pollution would be reflected back into your box for a double penalty.
• Fire Service: Fire Trucks don’t clump, dispatch to fires more efficiently.
• Water: Water pumps are now capable of pumping water from rivers at a larger radius so they can take better advantage of the water table in a city.
• Disasters: Cooldown for random disasters: Some players were getting hit too frequently with random disasters, this introduces a cooldown where no random disasters will occur.
• Trade: Fix for trade ports that suddenly stop shipping.
• Transit: Street Cars and Buses go to high volume stops first.
• Transit: A city with residents and public transit will now provide the accurate amount of workers and shoppers to its neighbors.
• Transit: A transit vehicle stuck in a pick-up or drop off loop will now go back to a garage instead of trying to pick up more people.
– Transit vehicles should recover automatically after the update. If players want to force the recovery, turn off the stops that are having looping issues, wait a few game hours, then turn them back on.
• Transit: Neighbors buses will now come in lower numbers into the city and do a better job at picking up local passengers first.
• Residential Tuning: Residential-only cities have failure state.
– Buildings are prevented from going up in density when they don’t have power or water.
– The amount of happiness gained from low taxes, police, fire, and health outreach has been lowered.
– Fixed some cases where buildings would not go abandoned when they should have.
– Higher density residential buildings are no longer blocked from going abandoned due to not having enough money.
– Happiness from low taxes does not double up every time it is given.
– Losing happiness due to not having a job is more impactful.
• Budgets: Fixed bug that prevented systems like fire, abandonment, garbage, and sewage from turning on when they were supposed to.
• Audio: Fixes issue where audio will stop working after creating a large city or where phantom audio sounds play in a city.
• Demolish: Fixes issue that occurred when players demolished buildings that had service vehicles, delivery vehicles, or agents out in the city or region. Previously, the agents would be in a state of limbo and would not recover when new buildings of that type were placed. This will no longer happen.

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