*I thought I had posted this last week but to my surprise I have found it as a draft so please excuse the delay and enjoy!


A hot and sunny Tuesday was spent in Cologne, a city that I have wanted to visit for quite some time because of the gigantic and wondersome Kölner Dom, or Cologne Cathedral, a catholic church that was built in French Gothic style. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and apparently Germany’s most visited landmark and stepping inside, I could see why.

Cologne Cathedral - looming, but beautiful giant

Cologne Cathedral – looming, but beautiful giant

Throngs of tourists from all over the world were sitting and standing in awe of the high ceilings and beautiful stained glass windows. It is the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe and if you are planning on heading to this area, it is a must see.

Something else that is amazing with many of the landmarks in Europe is that they are easy to find. The Arc de Triomphe looms over you as you exit a train station in Paris, and just like that, the Kölner Dom stands proudly, beckoning you towards it once you step outside of the Cologne station. It’s striking how easy it is to come across such amazing constructions, but it definitely does not take away from how amazing they are. I could have stood inside the cathedral the whole day.

Right near the cathedral is also the main shopping area of Cologne, something like the Königstraße in Stuttgart, a large pedestrian shopping zone.

A short walk from the city centre, there is a large park leading to Westbahnhof (West Station) and it was on this walk that I realised how pedestrian-friendly a city can be.

I am definitely looking forward to visiting Cologne again, especially because I found out a little late that this is where the famous mouse (Maus) is from and I need to visit the local shop! I’m slowly catching up on my German childhood and the mouse plays a vital role with her Sunday program where children are taught about how things are made. Great stuff if you ever happen to be in Germany on a Sunday morning at 11.30am!


SteelSeries – Sensei – First Impressions

I just recieved a new SteelSeries Sensei in the shiny blurry purple chrome variety, I think it looks great:

Purple sort of colour, it’s a bit pimp isn’t it?

The feel is great, the way it moves is very natural for FPS gaming, it’s streets ahead of the Cyborg RAT7 I had before this.

Problem: The SteelSeries Engine software designed to allow customisation doesn’t work, it will not recognise the mouse is connected even if the mouse knows it is. I tried a few articles at SS’s website but they don’t seem to help so I have had to resort to logging a support case with them. Hopefully their support is better than their software. Just be wary of this if you are taking the plunge because it isn’t exactly cheap at $94AUD. I do like the looks very much, and that is half the battle won. Just hoping it isn’t ruined by the bugginess some users have experienced.

Anyway once I am feeling better I will hit the games running and tryout this new weapon and tell you what it’s like.

G19 and SS Sensei, it’s a nice setup if I don’t say so myself. Vinyl model is an extra.