Poppy anemone: Anemone coronaria

Ms Green Thumb

Now that the weather is looking up, it is time to make use of that wonderful balcony. An extended living room, if I may.
We have put two sofas on the balcony, set up a table and chairs and most importantly, added a bit of colour by planting flowers and herbs in flower boxes. I’ve always loved these…especially when you see windows with them hanging underneath, bursts of colour protruding from neat little boxes. My favourite was always red, but for the balcony we decided to have a mixture, after all, we have seven metres of balcony. For now, there are two 1-metre, terracotta-coloured boxes, each with four plants inside. Continue reading

White Lindt Bunny, Maxi Kinder Surprise…drool…

After eating my body weight in Easter chocolate, watching snow melt and playing a couple of hundred levels of Candy Crush, wedding planning is under way! No, I haven’t been putting it off at all.

Everyone says that it’s a pain but also ‘so much fun’, but right now I’m only getting the first half. All I’m doing is looking for a location and I’m already exhausted. How hard is it to find a reasonably-priced castle/winery of some sort with enough room for about 150-200 dinner guests and a hotel to boot? Oh and then rounding up the funds for all of this wedding ‘fun’?

I’m sure it’ll be great in the end and everything will work out, even if I have to pay in my own blood, it just seems like a long road. Got the dress already and I’m hoping that everything will just follow suit now. Looking at wedding blogs and wedding photography just makes me go nuts…so many ideas!!

I was never one of those girls that planned their wedding since they were old enough to know what a wedding was, so I’m kind of at a loss here. I suppose it’ll be funny to read this post again after it’s all over. Tips and ideas are welcome!

In the meantime I’m adding more girliness to this site and posting a picture of my flowers from the civil ceremony. I have no idea about flowers, but they were pretty!

Bridal bouquet

Bridal bouquet – white poppy, roses, babys breath…etc?

Alright, I’m off, I’ll post some pictures of the zoo animals after the weekend 😉 Definitely will do proper planning…later.