Top 4 games we want to play in 2015: Shaun’s picks

 Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto: Online


Pretty much a year ago and a bit I was loading up Grand Theft Auto V onto my PS3 because that’s what you do when the latest and greatest game series is released… on the PS3 and Xbox 360 only. So basically I was downgrading controllability from my previous super-fun experience on PC with GTAIV and going to the archaic PS3 with it’s 10 year old hardware and… well it has a Blu-Ray player so that’s pretty good.

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Top 4 games we want to play in 2015: Justin’s picks

Batman: Arkham Knight


Its been 2 years since I glided around Gotham as batman going from rooftop to rooftop silently taking down all my foes but now I return and this time I get the Batmobile.

Coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on the 2 June

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Top 4 games we want to play in 2015: Steph’s picks

Happy New Year everyone! We at Kokstars are ringing in 2015 by sharing the games we are looking forward to with you.

Resident Evil: Revelations II

Resident Evil Revelations 2

I never used to play horror games but I enjoy Resident Evil because we can play it co-op. Chronologically this game takes place between Resident Evil 5 and 6. I still won’t watch zombie movies (unless it’s like Zombieland) but now I like playing zombie games because at least you can kill them.

Coming to PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in early 2015

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Gaming News

What is in the cube?


Designer of the Populous game Peter Molyneux and his studio 22 cans released a game called “Curiosity: What’s inside the Cube” which left hundreds of thousands of gamers furiously tapping the way to the middle now the Shaun and I were some of these people. Only one can win and he or she will receive a “Life Changing” something.

SO it seems that with all the tapping going on, one luck gamer in Edinburgh, Scotland by the name of Bryan Henderson has reached the middle and he got THIS video to celebrate his accomplishment from Molyneux himself.

So what does he get from all that tapping well he gets to create the rules for Godus, (a game that Peter kickstarted back in december) and he gets a percentage of any money Godus makes…….

Shit I should have kept tapping at that damn cube.

Ps4 Launch for 2013


Last week the Xbox One was revealed, and now we see the advertisement  for the PS4.

So the PS4 will hit the European stores in 2013, that means we are going to have a two console release WORLDWIDE  thats one busy week.

On a post from Joystiq regarded that the PS3 was delayed in Europe when it was launched. so Playstation Europe gave a statement after some enquiry was made about their AD

“We announced at the PlayStation Meeting event on February 20 that [the] PS4 would be coming in 2013… the adverts are simply re-stating that message. More information about [the] PS4 and all PlayStation platforms will be announced at E3.”

So…. with E3 just around the corner we should be getting a full picture of what players will be made legends on.

Wolfenstein: The New Order Video Preview


Check out some of the comedic over the top style that MachineGames have brought to the Wolfenstein world you can watch it HERE

Borderlands Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragons Keep


We have some game play for the new DLC for borderlands that will have lots of references to the borderlands 2 campaign and hours of comedy waiting to be unleashed late June. You can watch it HERE

So What do you want out of E3?


PS4 Announcement


My brothers are the experts on this, but I just saw this and had to post immediately. PS4!

I have always loved gaming mainly because our household had a majority of males, but I was always more of a pc gamer.

I’ve started getting into Xbox360 since I came to Germany and I’ve come to really enjoy it. The last game that I played all the way through and loved was Gears of War 3, and now I’m excited to find out more about the PS4.

Here is a link to the teaser:

It even looks like you may be able to catch a glimpse of the new console at 0:30 secs, according to

* Update: I guess I should have called this ‘PS4 Announcement?’. There has been a lot of speculation on Twitter and on technology news sites about what this will entail. Many await the latest Playstation Console from Sony, however it is most likely that if so, it will be announced but not released until later in the year. All we know is that we should be expecting to ‘See the future’ at this event. Either way, I’m excited to find out what it’ll all about. Hopefully something amazing after all this mystery and drama.

Justin: My sister has taken a big leap by posting about the new PlayStation I have stayed off this topic as to not stir the pot on what’s been said but so far the stuff that has been said is not much but this is for a good reason the trailer that has been given is for the future of PlayStation the topic that will come along on February 20th.

But as usual there have been leaks by VGLeaks that have the tech specs for the ‘Orbis’ development kits currently used by the PlayStation 4 game developers, but a great deal of speculation has all people guessing what will ….everything really. There has been rumors of many thing such as Sony ditching the dual shock controller design with the release of the PlayStation 4 and the patented tech that will allow the company to block players from playing used games, Sony has yet to confirm or reject these rumors.

So Sony fan boys hold your hats you will only have to wait a few more weeks to see what they have to say along side this there is also another conference held 5 days after that has no topic at this time.