Birthday booklet

Best part about my birthday present: choosing what to do for the day

My birthday was last Friday and as a special surprise from my husband, I received some gifts as well as a self-made booklet. As he is a graphic designer, it also looked awesome. This little booklet contained 9 options of things that I could do on my birthday, as well as the weather forecast for the day and a sentence saying that he had taken the day off work to spend the day with me. Best first birthday as a married couple ever!

There were a ton of cool things to do, including going to the zoo in Karlsruhe, shopping and a sushi lunch, checking out the castle and gardens in Ludwigsburg, spending time at the Spring Oktoberfest (Frühlingsfest) in Stuttgart, going swimming at the mineral baths, going to the Wilhelma and spending the day at Tripsdrill.

Having never been to Tripsdrill and loving rollercoasters and rides, the choice was easy. I’ve been to Europapark which is a massive theme park. We were there 2 years ago and wanting to do everything, we arrived at 9am. We left at about 5pm and still did not try every single ride. Tripsdrill on the other hand is a much smaller amusement park and from what I had heard it was aimed at a younger demographic, so naturally, I was not expecting too much but nevertheless I was excited.

We arrived at the park at about 9.30am because the forecast said that it would start to rain just after midday. Not all of the rides were open yet and at the carpark there were about 10-15 cars there. Keep in mind, it was a Friday and not school holidays. A dream, if you’ve read our post about Universal Studios Singapore!

As it was my birthday I had free admission and received a Tripsdrill badge with my name on it, and was greeted and wished a happy birthday by the staff. We went in and rode some of the smaller rides, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Although some rides are skewed to younger thrillseekers, they were not too shabby for us either. As a huge plus, we were mostly on rides all by ourselves and never had to line up or wait to get onto a ride.

Tripsdrill is about an hour and a half drive from Stuttgart (of course, depending on the traffic) and because it’s in Schwabenland (this area of Southern Germany) the staff were amazingly friendly and the theme of the park is very traditional. Food is well-priced and generous and the entire place is neat and tidy.

Flume Ride

Badewannen-Fahrt: The flume ride at Tripsdrill

The weather was perfectly sunny and even hot at times during our visit. We left at about 1pm and had conquered every ride. I enjoyed all of them, but of course as a bit of an adrenaline junkie I enjoyed the bigger rides the most. There is a great flume ride where you sit in a bath tub and a big wooden rollercoaster called ‘Mammut’ (Mammoth). Sometimes I feel like rides are way too short, but at Tripsdrill they seem to have mastered each ride and made them great experiences for the park guests. There was only one ride where I felt like ‘oh, was that it?’ but then we were sent around again automatically. On a few of the rides they also make souvenir photos or videos, which is always cool to see.

The ticket price also includes entry into the adjoining Wild Paradise (Wildparadies) where you can see a number of different wild animals, however we were worn out from all the rides.

All in all I think that they have a great variety of rides and animatronics around the park to make it interesting and exciting for young and old. I know that I can’t wait to go back some day and take more people with us once they’ve finished building their latest rollercoaster.


Universal Studios Singapore

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica Ride: red for humans, blue for cylons!

Yes its been while since we were in Singapore but we felt that we needed a review for the theme park and what better way of doing than a shared post.

Justin: I have been to Universal studios 3 times and this recent visit wasn’t the most exciting, as the rides and food are still the same but the experience is always enjoyable. Having fun hanging with the family and going on fast-paced rides where your heart almost leaps out of your throat. It’s always fun.

It’s my dream to have the park to my self for a day… no lines, no waiting, everything is clear but this is not the case when going during the school holidays.

Shaun: I second that! School Holidays suck for everyone who doesn’t go to school. It’s loads of kids running around, making noise and generally slowing your queue time to a dead stop. Ever waited 2 hours to get onto a ride before? Well that’s because you live somewhere other than Singapore.

OK, so I am ranting but that’s only natural because I am no longer on holiday and would really like to be again.

Universal Studios is an experience, it suspends your disbelief for a while and you remember your childhood. Jurassic park for me has one of the more complete visual escapes with the docking bay looking all docking bay like, you’re ready for adventure. Jump on the Battlestar Galactica Cylon ride for the thrills for sure; you’ll love the forces it puts on your body (make sure you look bored for the cameras).

Transformers Ride

Transformers Ride: Totes looks like this

Best Ride?
Transformers the ride is in every way better than the movies, there is actual use for explosions and the 3D effect. The idea is you’re in a short roller coaster ride that imtermittently parks itself in front of ginormous screens at various points. The screens are ginormous so you don’t really see the edges and they blend seamlessly with the physical sets. The whole shebang  makes you feel like you’re part of a massive city wide chase with Decepticons and Autobots, it’s amazing. Downside? 2 hour wait time in the peak of school holidays so go when it’s school time for both Singapore and Malaysia.

I go everytime I am in Singapore, maybe it’s because I am such a child. Love the rides, love the atmosphere, love the heat… wait no don’t love being outside in Singapore for an extended period of time.

Steph: Ok, so I’d been to Universal Studios previously but as it was still not finished, I just paid $5 to get in, walk around and check out the place, and then had dinner with some family at a restaurant there. So this time was lots of fun for me, despite the long queues as my brothers have mentioned.

I also really enjoyed the’ Transformers’ and ‘Battlestar Galactica’ rides as they were the most thrilling and well-designed in my opinion. ‘Revenge of the Mummy’ was also not bad. I don’t usually enjoy going on scary rides, but this one was not too scary and it had some thrilling parts. Also ‘Lights, Camera. Action!’ was pretty interesting. A bit of movie magic is always enjoyable!

Yes, we went to the park during the school holidays but unfortunately this was the only real way that we could go along with our cousins. One thing I will say that is really worth it is to try the Single Riders line even if you’re in a group. We walked by the Transformers ride about 4 times, and each time the wait was well over 90 minutes, so eventually we decided that we’d try the 90 minutes and hope for a quicker wait. We split up and took the single riders line and how long did we ‘wait’ in the end? 5 minutes and we were all seated! We also got to go at around the same time, just in different carriages or rows. Totally worth it.

Also, and this is common knowledge, but try to avoid buying food there if possible. We had the worst fish and chips ever and to top it off, it costed an arm and a leg.

The long queues and of course, the heat. Though they were selling nifty spray bottles attached to fans which looked like a good idea.

Next time hopefully we can go to the one in the US!