Wasen in Springtime

Dinkelacker Beer Tent

Dinkelacker Beer Tent, last year

Internationally, we all know about Oktoberfest, especially because it’s now celebrated in countries all over the world.

In Stuttgart at least, we have it two times a year except that in spring it’s called Spring Fest and the one in September/October is the main event that everyone comes to Germany for. The place that it’s held here is called the Wasen, which is why many refer to it as such.

The Höllenblitz ride

The Höllenblitz ride

There are rides, games, food stalls with all of the classics (Currywurst, Bratwurst, sweets, Lebkuchenherzen – Gingerbread hearts with cutsie sayings) and of course, the beer tents.

This time around we went for a quick stroll over the entire grounds, having snacks and something to drink. The weather was not great, which was actually a blessing in disguise because it meant that it wasn’t overly full. I’ve experienced times where it was hard to walk or breathe because of the amount of people standing around.

That fest-feeling is not yet here because the weather has been so topsy-turvy in Germany lately, so I’m looking forward to September when the bigger Oktoberfest is on!

Come on, summer!


Spring had sprung…

I don’t mean to write about the weather so much, but it’s getting crazy over here!

Just last week we were having great weather, with temperatures over 20 degrees C and today it’s snowing! Well, snow raining.

The sky is back to grey, the cars are covered in an ample layer of white and the garden is starting to look like a winter wonderland. This, all in spring.

Here’s proof:

This morning

This morning

About two hours later...

About two hours later…

Definitely looking forward to the summer holidays…we’re thinking…Croatia?

Also, a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our dad. Hope you guys enjoyed those dumplings!!!