SteelSeries – Sensei – First Impressions

I just recieved a new SteelSeries Sensei in the shiny blurry purple chrome variety, I think it looks great:

Purple sort of colour, it’s a bit pimp isn’t it?

The feel is great, the way it moves is very natural for FPS gaming, it’s streets ahead of the Cyborg RAT7 I had before this.

Problem: The SteelSeries Engine software designed to allow customisation doesn’t work, it will not recognise the mouse is connected even if the mouse knows it is. I tried a few articles at SS’s website but they don’t seem to help so I have had to resort to logging a support case with them. Hopefully their support is better than their software. Just be wary of this if you are taking the plunge because it isn’t exactly cheap at $94AUD. I do like the looks very much, and that is half the battle won. Just hoping it isn’t ruined by the bugginess some users have experienced.

Anyway once I am feeling better I will hit the games running and tryout this new weapon and tell you what it’s like.

G19 and SS Sensei, it’s a nice setup if I don’t say so myself. Vinyl model is an extra.