Favourite Five: Apps

1. Album Art Grabber

Album Art Grabber

I listen to a lot of music and having no album art is not fun, Album Art Grabber can go through your library and grab all the missing art or if you feel like it you can put your own images in. Continue reading

Tickle to snooze!

Favourite Five: Apps

We’ve got a new series for you where we will tell you about our five favourite things. First up, it’s our five favourite apps, whether it’s for Android, iOS or Mac (or more than one). Enjoy!

1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a very useful app that allows you to create and share lists, for example, shopping- or todo-lists. It works on Android, iOS and Mac. The best feature is, that everyone you share the list with can add items to it as well as “cross off” entries. Continue reading