„Paris Night“ by Benh LIEU SONG

Paris: Trip Planning

So I’m trying to figure out what to do during the 3 days that we’ll be in Paris.

We will be also be doing touristy things seeing as it’ll be Michael’s first time there and the last time I was there it was a bit of a rush and I had done little to no research.

I’ve started by writing a list of the must-sees and googling what others found to be worth a visit. Also it seems that there are a bunch of events on at exactly the time we are going.

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A very Stuttgarter Wedding

Weddings are magical, and rightly so. They are events to be enjoyed by all and where memories are made. The start of a new chapter. This is why it was not so surprising that despite the rain and overcast days we’ve been having in Stuttgart, that the heavens cleared and the sun burst out from behind the clouds for the special day on Saturday.

Michael and I were asked to photograph the wedding and happily accepted. Two of our friends tying the knot and us getting to play with our cameras? Of course!

The morning started out dreary. I was picked up by the bride and her hairstylist at 10am and driven to the maid-of-honour’s place where the bride was to get ready. The sky was cloudy and grey and as we were in the house preparing, the clouds unleashed a heavy downpour. It seemed that all was lost, but then just minutes before we were scheduled to leave, the rain stopped and the sun shone. Perfect.

Final touches

Final touches

I captured the preparation process while Michael hung out with the boys and snapped some shots there.

I arrived at the wedding in the nick of time, 5 minutes before the bride walked in. It was a lovely ceremony with some oddities. The pair kneeled at the wrong time and the priest forgot to bring his Bible, but what is a memory without something like that happening?

It goes to show that all the planning in the world cannot prepare you for everything, but it will still work out fine.

The celebration was held at a Cafe/Restaurant in Killesberg Park in Stuttgart. Despite being here for almost 2 years it was only my second time there and the first time was just 2 days before the wedding.

Train ride through the park

Killesberg: Train ride through the park

Killesberg Park is amazing. It is huge and in springtime contains so many wonders. There are ponds and a small waterfall, the flowers are in full bloom and the park is maintained well. There is a flower garden that was full of different varieties of tulips and an old style fair with games, a carousel and little stalls selling sweets and snacks. To add to its charm, the park also has a mini train which takes visitors on a large tour of the park. They also have 2 steam trains that they use for special occasions.

The Killesberg Tower

The Killesberg Tower: A view of the whole park

My arms are sore from carrying all our equipment and clicking away with my camera the whole day, but it’s always worth it when you see the images and moments that you managed to capture.

Let the wedding season begin.


Singapore – Getting around town

If you haven’t been to Singapore yet this is key info because there isn’t a transport system as good as this, except in Switzerland. The busses are regular and in 10-15 minute intervals everywhere I went. The trains are only ever 5 minutes away and the stops are comprehensive to the point where you are always a hop and a skip away from anything. Taxis are reasonable with their SGD3.40 initial charge but with the train and bus combo it’s virtually unbeatable, why would you need a cab?

Tickets Please!
If you’re going to be here for a couple of days get yourself an EZ-Link card. It is like London’s Oyster card where the public transportation system is open to you. All you do is top it up with your hard earned cash at any station before travel and you’re set. Stick it in your wallet or lanyard and when you get to the station you place the card on the contact point to tell you how much credit remains. Remember to always check in and check out of the bus or the train station or you might have explaining to do. Just listen out for the *beep* and you’re set.

Cough Up kiddo
Now that you have the EZ-Link card you’re moving but how much does it cost to get around? This is one of the easiest and best value transportation systems around at approx SGD1.20 for the longest bus route A to B or SGD1.88 for the run between Punggol and Harbourfront which are on the opposite sides of the North East line that I frequent daily. I think the most I’ve spent in a day is approx SGD5.00 for bus and train travel… pretty good huh?

The carriages are clean and similar to the London tube except:
– It’s cleaner
– The seats are not soft, they are hard fibreglass
– It’s bigger and shaped for people who stand upright
– It’s always on-time (I’m serious always)
– The drive is automated, you can stand in the front of the train and fulfil your conductor fantasies.

They come in the single and double decker variety. All are airconditioned (A must in this heat) and are clean and comfortable, just remember to enter in the front next to the driver to buzz in and then buzz out the side of the bus when you leave or you haven’t validated which is bad.

I keep saying the transport is clean and that is because there is no eating or drinking or smoking or durians allowed on them. It’s illegal and I don’t know the fine (maybe a massive spanking) so just don’t do it.

All in all this is a fantastic system, get on it!

Check out this handy info provided by Changi Airport for info on the EZ-Link card as well as other things you need to know:

Click Here -> Changi Travel Guide!