Toyota 86: the Prologue

I am in the process of getting my hands on a Toyota 86 (pronounced “Eight-Six” but sometimes i get lazy and say “eighty-six”) or GT-86 for the europeans or Scion FR-S in the USA. We got the Japanese market name so it’s very JDM for us Australians. The model I am going for could be misconstrued as the top-of-the-line-and-I-won’t-modify-it version which is wrong because this one has confort access and sat nav standard so that is two less things I need to be worried about getting or can’t live without from my current 1M.

It’s going to take 8 months until this car arrives so it’s going to take time before I can own it and review it long term.

A few ideas floating in my head about what I want to do to the 86:
– Matt khaki green vinyl on the entire car except roof. Then same vinyl on the dashboard trim
– High gloss black roof
– Work Meister S1R wheels in charcoal with polished lip (single step)
– Coilovers to lower the car maybe an inch
– Rocket Bunny widebody kit, keep it in matt black
– CF hood, nothing fancy, might even vinyl it in same military green.
– Brembo big brake kit
– HKS Exhaust system

Anyone else thinking about an 86? If you are tell me about what you want to do with it.