White curtains, purple drapes though we aim for a darker, more red-toned kind of purple

Decorating: Curtains

So we’ve lived in our apartment, very happily, I must say, for about 8 months now. Still, we never found the time to get some curtains. Before you go crazy about how little privacy that provides, I have to add that we do have roller shutters which we do close at night.

However, there’s something to be said about having soft, billowy, light-coloured curtains instead of metal shutters around you.

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Electric Feeling

Just a little update on the progress of our apartment…

I have to say, what a difference an electric motor makes!

So far we’ve gotten the wallpaper down, we’re getting the walls flattened out and soon they will be prepared for painting and then get painted. In the meantime we got motors installed into our shutters making them not only safer (they can’t be lifted from the outside) but also so much easier to handle! One push of a button and all shutters go up or down together, or you can control them separately…oh, the possibilities!

Our cellar is full of furniture, all ready to be put in their rightful places.

Our colour scheme is white, gray and black. Monochrome! The only exception is one of the floors and for now, the doors and their frames. Otherwise it’s monochrome furniture and walls all the way!

Here is some inspiration, monochrome style:


Colours of the wind

Along with the change in temperature and the crazy winds that are terrorising northern Germany, Denmark and southern UK, comes autumn. And what an autumn indeed!

Autumn is just the best time in terms of scenery. Looking out from…practically anywhere, there are so many colours in the beautiful foliage that are mixed together, creating something that looks like a painting.

Driving in Germany in autumn

Driving in Germany in autumn

Speaking of autumn and beautiful foliage, here is a view from our new apartment, from the bedroom balcony. I was mainly trying to capture the trees with my phone so this view is a bit obstructed…

View from our balcony

View from our balcony

I can’t wait to move in! Our current view is amazing but it’ll be so good to have our own place!

View from our current home

View from our current home

And on the topic of colours, we’ve also picked the flooring for the bedrooms. It was a challenge to decide on a colour but we’re going for darker floors against white and gray.

Here are some ideas of what we’re going for:

Have a great week everyone! We’re so excited to be off to Sydney in less than a week!!